as titile, where is my heart?

my heart is stay in HongKong, also i didn't how how to find my heart

i back Taiwan on 4/8,

when i back my home, i don't like talk with any peopole (include my family)

i don't know why i did that.

in my opinion, it's my top secrtet in my life

could i share to my friend? how does they think about?

i saw when i took photos in HongKong, it's was great time

but.... damn....


by the way , where is my heart ?

and does someone pick it up ?

please reture to me, OK?  thank you very much....



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  • Jamie
  • i don't know what should i say! just~
    good luck!
  • damn.....

    榛果瑪其朵 於 2009/04/13 15:00 回覆